VillaWare Belgian Waffle

Today, we will review the VillaWare Belgian Waffle Maker, model V3200. But why Belgian waffles? Belgian waffles are different compared to American waffles in that they are very deep. However, this makes the waffles lighter and crispier. A true classic Belgian waffle recipe is made with yeasted dough.

Therefore to make these delicious waffles at home, you can’t go wrong with the classic V3200 VillaWare Belgian Waffle Iron, recipient of many glowing reviews. Baking 7 and half-inches of savory round Belgian waffle, it bakes quickly, taking only 4 minutes to warm up with another 3 to make a waffle, which is adjustable with a helpful temperature dial located on top. VillaWare’s famous WaffleTone™ sounds off when your light, crisp waffle is ready. For convenience, it’s Xylan® non-stick coating makes cleaning easy, and the space saving handles makes the waffler easy to store in small places. All in all, for the best Belgian waffles, you can always count on the VillaWare V3200.

Villaware belgian waffle makerVillaware belgian waffle maker

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