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Belgian Waffle

When you think about favorite desserts, a few things come to mind – fruits, ice cream, and waffles. Belgium's most famous contribution to food are waffles, and they have been around in history since the Middle Ages. A waffle is a cake made out of dough or batter than is...
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Belgian Waffle Maker

A couple of years back while visiting my sister in London, she took me for a waffle cafe located next to Green Park station, along Oxford Street. Prior to this experience, I have never seen or tasted Belgian waffles and when I did get myself a piece topped with one...
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Belgian Waffle Recipe

Belgian Waffle Recipe It is easy to differentiate Brussels waffle; rectangular sides with Liege waffles. Here is a simple recipe for you. Although this recipe is more traditional, you can use bisquick. Bisquick is used in many basic recipes as cake flour or to make cookie dough. Ingredients: 500g flour 7g instant...
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