Belgian Waffle Maker

A couple of years back while visiting my sister in London, she took me for a waffle cafe located next to Green Park station, along Oxford Street. Prior to this experience, I have never seen or tasted Belgian waffles and when I did get myself a piece topped with one scoop Ben’s & Jerry’s Double Chocolate ice-cream and drizzles with hot fudge, it was simply amazing. I can still remember every detail of the experience, the atmosphere, the crowd and more importantly the waffle’s taste, its shape and its sweet aroma.

When I got back to Malaysia, all I could think of was making a few waffles to serve them to my family and friends. When the time finally came, I realized that I had the complete and exact recipe and even the right ice-cream but I was lacking the proper waffle maker. A few kitchenware brands are starting to produce waffle makers for homemakers, basically encouraging those at home to start making their own waffles just like how they see it in restaurants.

Toastmaster is known for manufacturing waffle makers. People at home can easily make waffles using a Toastmaster waffle iron. The heat that the iron produces cooks the waffle faster. Another famous waffle making brand is Presto Flipside. They are famous for manufacturing professional 180 degrees rotating waffle maker that is equipped with a countdown timer so people know when the waffles are ready instead of worrying that the waffles will burn. Cuisinart is a big kitchenware brand too has started producing waffle makers. Their waffle making products varies from making 2 pieces of waffle to 8 pieces and it is equipped with non-stick interior and browning control system.

Some may recommend Waring Pro Professional waffle makers as it is one of the best out of all of the professional quality waffle makers for the home. The waffle plates have extra-deep pockets which can produce thicker Belgian waffles with crispy outer layer. It is also a rotating waffle maker that ensures to cook on both sides as well as browning control knob that can allows customers to choose whether to make a lighter or darker skin waffles. Waring Pro waffle makers are also equipped with timer.

Villaware is another product many would be familiar with that have earned many good reviews. Famous for their range of kitchenware, Villaware’s waffle makers seem to be getting the thumbs up too with their clean outer look and non-stick interior that can be easily clean plus browning control system. They too provide variety of models ranging from 2 slices machine to 4 slices.

My personal favorite would be from Oster as it is a light, professional rotating maker with non-stick interior, timer and browning control system. So far with Oster waffle maker, I have only failed once in making a mouthwatering Belgian waffles and that was on my first time. Since then, my Belgian waffles have been made to perfection – simply crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Served with ice-cream or plain butter and maple syrup, it is absolutely divine. it is amazing to find out there are waffle makers out there that allow homemakers to make commercial looking waffles at home.

Belgian waffle makerBelgian waffle maker

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  1. Haifa says:

    Thank you so much for this article, cuz I have tasted these waffles six years ago while visiting my friend in london and have been thinking about them ever since; and couldnt remember where.
    I am in London now and will go have them tonite.

    Thank you,
    Yasmin from
    Toronto, Ontario

  2. driversis says:

    Thanks for your input. I bought two Bella Rotating Belgian Waffle Makers last Christmas, one for my married daughter and one for my expert at everything hubby who cooks. Neither one could make the lovely puffy waffles get crispy! Is there a secret to the recipe? She went back to an old 60’s waffle iron.

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