Belgian Waffle Iron

As a Swede, it is hard to find waffles in restaurants or cafes done the Nordic way. When I tell my American friends that there is really a difference between American-style waffles and Scandanavian waffles, they tend to scoff saying that there is no difference between them.

For those who are unfamiliar with Scandanavian waffles, the waffle iron used is heart-shaped where as the American one is usually circular. Although the recipe and the batter is similar to other variteties, Scandanavian waffles are quite thin. The toppings are also a bit different.

Suffering from home sickness, my husband and I decided to buy a waffle maker. After researching reviews for a while on the internet to find the best waffle iron, I narrowed it down to a few professional or commercial-style waffle makers that are sold for home use.

The product reviews that truly caught my eye were Waring, Krups, and Cuisinart. What I really liked about these waffle makers were that they seemed to have many useful functions that the other brands did not have, yet they were roughly around the same price range as the others. I recently bought my waffle iron and cannot wait to use it.

Belgian waffle ironBelgian waffle iron

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